How to Land Job Interviews From LinkedIn Like Clockwork: The Growth Marketer's Guide

October 14, 2022

Here is a 7 step sure-shot process to land interviews within a week, for many of you who have been laid off, or looking for a job.

We’ve tested these approaches over and over again for both recruitment outreach and lead gen, and they’re golden:

Step 1: The Most-Underrated, Yet Obvious Step in using LinkedIn- Your Frickin’ Profile:

This is going to sound lame and put off most of you because it sounds too generic, but here’s the thing:

Irrespective of what you do - messaging HR managers or applying for jobs on LinkedIn or posting that you’re looking for a job, the first thing anyone who sees these does is check your LinkedIn profile.

It’s only AFTER they go through your profile do they even think of reaching out. So if your profile’s not optimized, all your efforts are going down the drain. Here’s how to create a kickass profile that stands out:

A. The profile image:

Start with your profile image.

- Take a headshot with your smartphone. For good lighting, do it outdoors from 10 AM - 3PM. And wear a good shirt.

- Use Canva or remove .bg to remove backgrounds, and add some color so that it stands out.

- Search for ‘linkedin banners’ on Behance or Canva and create one for your profile. Use Canva for designs. Don’t be lazy here- put some work in.

B. Your Headline 

Update your headgline with this formula:

{job title] | {3 relevant keywords} | {career goal} | {Open to Opportunities / Open to Work}

Example: LinkedIn Marketer | LinkedIn | Content Marketing | Social Selling | Helping B2B Businesses Thrive on LinkedIn | Open to Opportunities

That’s mine. Don’t use the same one :)

Adding keywords are important because recruiters also search for candidates using LinkedIn search and your profile will rank better with targeted role-specific keywords.

C. Your About Section (aka your pitch)

Update your about section with the following skeleton structure:

- Who you are

- What your work stents have been like, and your accomplishments

- The type of roles you’re looking for

- End it with ‘DM me here if you’d like to chat’

D. Your Experience Section

Make sure your experience section is updated, and add some proper detail in the descriptions for each role with accomplishments and goals.

E. Add those skills

Add relevant skills related to the roles you’re looking for. Add atleast 40. Not kidding. Atleast 40- this is important for LinkedIn search optimisation.

F. Use Novoresume or Canva to create a clean 1-page resume

Add a featured section on your LinkedIn profile, and upload your updated resume.

Step 2: Use that Network.

First reach out to your existing network & contacts, because this is the easiest way to find openings.

And here’s the easiest way to do that-

  • Goto Google contacts or Outlook contacts (both personal & professional accounts) & export all your contacts as a CSV.
  • On LinkedIn, goto My Network > Contacts > Add more contacts > Upload a file and upload the CSV.

This is the fastest way to connect with your existing contacts on LinkedIn. They will see your profile & that you’re open to work.

And LinkedIn will keep sending the connection reminder to their email.

Step 3: Going bonkers- how the pros do it.

If you have specific companies or specialised roles you’re looking for, this method will land interviews for you like clockwork:

On LinkedIn, goto Jobs > and search for the job roles you’re targeting in the search bar.

LinkedIn allows you to apply with a few clicks.

But that’s not enough. You, my friend, need to STAND OUT.

And here’s how you stand out from 90% of applicants -

Here’s how you stand out from 90% of applicants applying for a role:

1. After you apply for a role, copy the company name, open a new tab, goto LinkedIn, click on the search bar at the top and hit enter. This will open up LinkedIn Search.

2. Click on All Filters > Current company > Add a company and paste the company name.

3. Now scroll down to Keywords > Title and paste this- “hiring OR recruiter OR human resource OR hr and click on ‘Show results’.

4. LinkedIn will now show you everyone in the company’s hiring department, and everyone who has ‘Hiring’ mentioned in their tagline. That’s everyone you can possibly reach out to about the opening.

Now reach out to them one by one with this script-

Hey {first_name}- I noticed you’re hiring for {job_role}, and I wanted to reach out personally because I loved that you’re {something interesting about the work culture or the department or function you’re targeting} at {company_name}.

You can find at least one interesting thing about the company or department from:-

  • the job description on their job post
  • the About Us/Team page on their website
  • News about the company (head over to Google news, and search for the company name, and skim through the articles)

Are we done? Not by a long shot.

Again, this is the sure-shot way to land interviews. Not the easy way. You NEED to put in the work.

Goto Hunter .io and using the first name, last name and company names, find the work email of everyone you’re messaging.

Compose an email and cc everyone who you messaged from the same company using this script-


Hey {first_name1}, {first_name2}, {firstname3}....,

I already reached out to you on LinkedIn after I saw you’re hiring for {job_role}, but to be honest, I was too excited about this role to sit back and wait. This’ll be quick- I just want to explain why I think my career goals align with your goals at {company_name}.

1. {Reason 1}

2. {Reason 2}

3. {Reason 3}

I also love that you’re {something interesting about the work culture or the department or function you’re targeting} at {company_name}.

I’d love to hop on a call - just send me some time slots that work for you, or even answer some questions beforehand if you’d like to vet me first. If you have a standard hiring process you’d like me to go through, I’m open to that as well. I’m also attaching my resume with this email so that you can take a quick look.

Have a productive day!



- You can easily find the ‘reasons’ from the job descriptions on the job post on LinkedIn or on their website About Us/team page or LinkedIn company page, in that order.

- Make sure you attach the resume in the email.

- Make sure you use the exact same profile image you use on LinkedIn on the email account as well.

- For bigger companies, hiring departments can be huge, so just reach out to the target department’s HR team heads, recruiters and C-suite.

On a side note, even at, the applicants that stood out whenever we hired were always the ones that reached out to us individually with a personalized message AFTER they applied on the job post. And over 80% of’s team came from LinkedIn.

Step 4. Forget about giving up. Consistency is the key.

Repeat step #3 for at least 10 job posts everyday.

Remember that not all companies post about their openings on LinkedIn. Use method #3 with, Glassdoor Jobs, Google for Jobs, Monster and ZipRecruiter, in that order if you want to find and apply for more.

Step 5. This is if you have a dream job you absolutely WANT to land. 

Many of you reading this may have a dream job in mind. Use this method along with step #3 if you really, REALLY want to land an interview at a specific company. Most of you will never have to do this because I’ve rarely come across scenarios where step #3 doesn’t work.

  • Find the company’s address from the LinkedIn company page or on Google Maps, in that order.
  • Goto Pingen or Clicksend to compose and send a physical letter addressed to the HR Manager & CEO at the company address you just found- all online.

The best part? It costs just a few dollars for each letter.

I guarantee you- this will turn heads. Get >50% response rates. And open doors at companies that are very hard to get into.

But wait for a week after you do step #3 to do this. Chances are, you won’t need it.

Save this post. After you do these steps for a week, come back and comment with what worked. Give back to others who are looking for a role.

I don’t care if you give me attribution for this post. Share. Copy. Or plagiarise blatantly. But share this post with someone who has been looking for a job or laid off.