How we helped Cavli Penetrate the IoT Market

Cavli is an IoT enabler that brings the power of IoT connectivity to transportation and logistics solutions and businesses, smart cities, healthcare and agriculture.

They were launching Hubble99, a first-of-its-kind hybrid SaaS solution for IoT connectivity management, that included IoT connectivity hardware, network access, data subscription & modem management all bundled into a disruptive subscription-based price model to accelerate global IoT adoption.

The What

Cavli Wireless was revamping their sales, marketing and lead-gen process after their funding round.They approached GrowthClub. We had to solve 4 core pain points:

Design an automated lead gen process that worked.
Design an efficient LinkedIn <> CRM data management system to segregate leads and outreach prospects for their regional sales team members.
Establish a LinkedIn marketing and lead nurturing process that their sales team could take over from GrowthClub.
Since they were positioning themselves for an investment round, they were also looking to generate press and launch an investor outreach program.

The How

We first helped Cavli map out their ideal customer personas using the GrowthClub Buyer Persona Map and zeroed in on 4 buyer personas in 6 different industries that Cavli’s Hubble99 model could disrupt:

  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Emobility
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Smart Cities
  • Agricultural IoT
  • Animal Health IoT

We then worked with the Cavli team to brand and optimize the LinkedIn profiles on their entire team to create a consistent brand image on LinkedIn.

We then built a lead prospecting engine using LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, data scraping to enrich prospect data, and a custom Google script program to filter, segregate, qualify and push lead data to cavli’s CRM- Freshsales. This prospecting engine became the foundation of the outbound marketing process at Cavli.

To land press and brand mentions, GrowthClub designed a PR hacking process to prospect, identify and filter tech and IoT journalists, and then reach out to them on email and LinkedIn to push PR stories and releases on the Hubble99 platform.

To establish a B2B Outbound Lead generation Engine, GrowthClub designed a process to

  • Prospecting leads that matched Cavli Wireless’ buyer persona on LinkedIn
  • A data enrichment process to enrich prospect data with emails and personalization fields
  • A LinkedIn Outreach and inbox management process to start conversations with CTOs, Heads of Product & Product Design Engineers at target accounts and then an Email Outreach Automation Process using automation tools and APIs.
  • To measure KPIs and results, we then established a partially automated lead tracking & reporting in Google Data Studio
  • To ensure the process worked in perpetuity, GrowthClub also included a process iteration and experimentation process to continuously test what worked and what didn’t.

To launch an advertising funnel in LinkedIn for the Hubble99 platform, GrowthClub first ran a competitor audit to evaluate ads of 5 major competitors in the market and over 73 adsets they were using, and then worked with the Cavli marketing team to design well-performing adsets and creatives for LinkedIn.

Results Achieved in 3 months

3 Weeks

Prospected the entire target market for IoT OEM’s within the first 3 weeks.


LinkedIn Pipeline Growth with ads & outreach


Press mentions in renowned publications
An automated lead enrichment and segmentation engine that categorized and pushed leads to their Regional Sales Team members.

100 + Brands

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